Email Marketing Services

We look after your customers for you by sending them interesting, relevant information they want read and hear about from you.  It’s not always about the selling, but the relationships you build over time, by being in contact with your customers regularly.

You have a story to share

We help you share that story by learning about your company and creating small, shareable snippets of gold, that you may not think be worth reading, but your loyal customers will love.

We help build your customer list

Everyone starts somewhere when it comes to sharing a good story with customers.  So we help you create your modest customer list, and then, we help you craft your story.

We find the stories yet to be told

It’s easy to be shop blind, thinking that your day to day work means little. We’re all guilty of it, but everyone has those snippets of gold, that story, that small bit of advice for your customers, and we share the these so they remember you.

We Write, Send and Report

After we’ve crafted your news, we send it for you, and we’ll report back to you with any feedback or comments for you to further improve your own products, prospects and opportunities.

The Good All Round Approach

Email is still one of the most popular communication tools and an interesting newsletter or article, some small tips and advice for your valued customers can have more impact on sales than simply trying to sell all the time.

We help you craft an email so that your customers remember you on their next purpose.

Your loyal customers aren’t looking for the cheapest deals, but they are looking for value and want to do business with people they know, like and trust.  We make you shine.

We help you build a great relationship with Your Customers

Part of a great relationship is not just a good product because there are many good products on the market these days.

Sometimes even the best products can be overlooked because the communication and conversation doesn’t follow through.


Our approach to regular communication via newsworthy emails and website articles are tailored to attarc

Managing Your Newsletter Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

That’s because we do all the work for you.  A conversation, learning about your business, your latest customer, your ideal customer, a great job you’ve done, or a challenge you’ve had to overcome can be crafted into newsworthy snippets to share with your customer list.  We send, track and analyse responses from each and give you feedback that could be helpful in your business too.

"If Social Media is the cocktail party, then em@il maketing is the 'meet up for coffee'. The original 1 to 1 channel."

– Erik Harbison

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